Blue Nose PitBull Puppy In A Pocket White Ceramic Beer Stein Mug (22oz): Funny Gift Idea For Dog & Beer Lovers

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Are you the proud parent of a pitbull dog or puppy? Sounds like you need to purchase this cute White Ceramic Beer Stein for yourself or purchase it as a gift for that crazy dog friend who loves a cold beer!

This ceramic Beer mug with the saying: Dogs Rule and featuring a cute blue nose pitbull puppy in a pocket makes a great gift idea for any dog person who is passionate about their furry friends.

Imagine drinking your favorite cold beer in this mug and petting your dog? What a bliss! You can even use it for your everyday beverages: coffee, tea, iced tea, water. It is perfect for any beverage.

Your favorite cold beverage deserves a proper drinking vessel. This 22oz ceramic beer stein is designed to minimize overflow and has an extra wide base to prevent accidental spilling. The intricate decoration and gold trim accents give this stein a classic look and feel to ensure you enjoy your drink in style.

• 22oz White Ceramic Beer Stein

• Gold Trim Accents

• 8.5” Circumference 3.75” Diameter

• Dishwasher Safe

DO NOT Microwave (Gold Trim = Fire)